Thursday, August 13, 2009

Parties are Always Better with Pizza as a Prefix

Went out to my good friend Joshua Matthew Boyd's weekly radio show on Tuesday night for the one year anniversary of Radio Hotbodies. Now, if you are curious as to what that is you're at the wrong place buddy, cause this shit ain't about Internet podcast radio shows that showcase awesome music, do interviews with artists, give out free porn, play live music, travel into the past, peddle-sage like advice in three seconds, exploit the elderly, drink, fuck people up, and promote good times.

No, this is about pizza.

We got the genius idea (is there any better?) to order pizza during the festivities from this place that the man whose apartment we invaded, Adam Scott Paul, told me was awesome. It's called the Coop (Culver City) and apparently they think my buddy and his girlfriend look like and/or are vampires. I'm thinking that maybe the people who run this place are visually impaired or just really like vampires and wishes everyone was a vampire, cause they really don't look like vampires. Vampires.
My dear friend ASP, who looks nothing like a vampire.

So we order from vampire pizzeria and wait, and while I'm in the bathroom I hear my name being called. At that point I could only assume it was because the pizza arrived cause no one shouts someones full name if they don't mean business, and pizza and I had some serious business to attend to that evening.

I walk out and it's there. Two boxes full with slices of hope. "Fuck yea I wonder if I can get at least three slices of this shit" is what I'm thinking, but I'm trying to remain cool. You can't be the dude who just stands by the food and wolfs it all down while giving an invisible middle finger to the rest of the room. I take a slice, I examine it.

New york style for sure, not too thin and physically looks beautiful. This is how pizza in cartoons looks, almost too good. Pick it up and it's got the perfect droop, not hard but not soft. I'm pretty excited to eat it and I take a bite. It's great, a quality pie for sure, and I'm satisfied to say the least. Cheese, sauce, and dough are all close to on point with the right grease factor. I eat it pretty quickly so I go back for more and eat that one with ease as well. The Coop did it justice, golf claps all around.

I also ended up getting a short segment in the radio show to talk about pizza that you can listen to HERE, where I basically sound like a high retard that likes pizza but doesn't like Numero Uno. I'll elaborate another time on that one trust me, but for now...

Fuck you Numero Uno.

I look quite fondly back on the night - not only did I get to eat pizza, but I got to spew my mouth off about it for a good half minute. I consider that a victory coupled with great friends which made it that much better. Oh and this also happened.


  1. im pretty sure you feel the same way, but the best cartoon pizza droop is in TMNT. that shit looked too fucking good. nom nom nom.

  2. Pizza and Josh Boyd's HOTBODIES! That's a dangerous combo... I'm glad to see your blog, Jeol!