Monday, August 3, 2009

Late night pizza + match game = win

Tonight was a one of those nights where you think you have something to do but then it changes into something completely different. Cue a one bedroom apartment, weed, and FUN.

Whatever, that's not what's important. What IS important is that after the weed smoking ensued, pizza took place. Add this to the list of late night hunger-satisfiers. Yea, that's not a word, but I dont give a fuck. A friend of mine and I were pretty stoked on a pie to cure what ailed us. Delivery was thrown around, but no one was really gung ho, so microwaveable burritos from the market is what we settled on. Yea, not really epic, but whatever - I threw an entire pizza down earlier in the night (cause I'm sexy like that).

When my friend returned it wasn't with burritos, it was with frozen pizza.

Alright, I'm not huge on frozen pizza, it's almost appalling, but when it's late and you're hungry, there's no real food options out there, and you don't expect it, it's a pretty damn welcome sight. It takes preparation, it takes's like a stoner science. My eyes widen, I am surprised.

The steps that it took to actually get the pizza to be edible were mind-blowing. Detailing it would have to be dedicated to an entirely different blog, needless to say it happened and it was tolerable. Suitable. Spectacular. My friend and I dive into it, not giving a fuck if it were too hot or too cold (in this case way too hot), getting burns on the upper parts of our mouths.

Worth it. Totally fucking worth it.

Yea I ate it. Yea it tasted a little off, not fresh and pretty damn cheap...but god bless you Red Baron.

So I keep true to my promise - no matter what adventure or avenue I fall into concerning my rotund compatriot I will be documenting it for sure. No matter how large or small it will be captured like so many pokemon. Late night pizza is better than late night ANYTHING, maybe even sex...I don't know I'm not a fucking scientist.


No, this isn't like the classic game of the 70's where dudes and broads see if they're compatible whilest being hidden behind a screen and asking dumbass questions. This is with matches, homie, like fire. Scared? Well you shouldn't be, cause it's just a match and you're a human being. Humans >Matchs, bro.

This is more like a social experiment. Take a match, light it, and stick it in a friends face. See what happens, the results are hilarious.

Reactions range, from people who just blow the fucker out, to ones that don't realize breathing demolishes match fire like a motherfucker. Try it, you'll see. It's almost as fun as lighting a cross on fire and placing it in front of your ethnic neighbors house...almost.

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