Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pizza Adventure Number One

Tonight might have arguably been one of the best in my life.

Yes, that might seem like a stretch, but keep in mind the best night of my life was when I found $20 dollars on the street and got a reach around from an Ecuadorian farm girl.

No, tonight was about pizza, beer, and Dodgers.

My friend Asher and I planned a day around eating pizza. The plan was to go to 3 or 4 by the slice places and compare slices of cheese pizza. Sweet. If there's one thing I like it's eating pizza and this was right up my alley. So we venture off to the first destination: Garage Pizza in Silverlake.
Recommended highly by my boy, I was fucking stoked. We walk in and there was maybe the most breathtaking pizza girl behind the counter, I was in love. I was on a mission though so romance needed to take a backseat to my quest for great Za. We ordered our slices, two cheese, and sat down at a table.

This place is waaaaay cool. Think Chili's, but not with lame ass shit on the walls and open for your eating pleasures till 3am. We crack open our Tecate's (oh yea you can bring your own beer to this place) and talk about how god damn hungry we are, amongst other things. We see BPG (breathtaking pizza girl) bringing out our slices and I kinda have to comment on how hot this girl actually was.

Bro, this girl was like, so hot. Seriously dude, I'm not even joking.

I had to. So we get our pizza and after receiving the typical "this is hot so you might want to wait" line, we look. Just look. Sweet lord it looked good, like a greasy hot girl. It was pretty hot so we did wait but I couldn't wait more than a minute so I take a bite.

Awesome. I hadn't eaten all day so it was uber satisfying. Really thin and the sauce almost tasted like Spaghettio's but worked well. Good droop ratio. Don't worry one day I will make a graph or pie chart or whatever the hell it is and break down all these pizza terms and trends. More crispy than I like but I couldn't complain it was pretty damn good, definitely recommended. BPG comes by to take our plates, we finish up our beer, and are on our way. BPG if you're out there....I love you, okay?

After that it was kinda a bitch. The pizza place we wanted to goto was closed for some reason, and we sat in traffic a lot. Whatever, we had each other and the memories of Garage, so we soldier on. We finally decide to go to a place that you have to order a FULL pizza but whatever, we were both really hungry. We head over to pizza destination number two: Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock.

Casa Bianca is an institution of Los Angeles pizza. Some people swear by this place and I wouldn't have been surprised if it was the cure for cancer or something. Usually there's a big ass line at night for it but we got there real early so we got a table pretty fast. A cool thing about this place is that they make their own sausage, so we were compelled to get pizza that had some sausage on it. We order our pie and wait, checking out the place itself.

Rad little place with the checkered red and white tablecloths, Italian lore on the walls, and a very standard menu. Fuck the menu though we were there for pizza. Our pie comes out and looks amazing...deep red marinara sauce explodes through the cheese and giant chunks of sausage grace half the surface. If there was any pizza I wish I could have inhaled it was this - it looked the way pizza does in my dreams. We dig in.


The cheese side was good, but it was the sausage side that made it. I've never had a better sausage on a pizza it was that intense. The flavors were all there and the home made sausage sealed the deal. If you don't get to go to this place once in your lifetime, I really feel bad for you. I mean you can't really call your life a "life". Sad. Sad you.

We take it down, nothing was left. Like mighty gods we kill it. Two establishments with pizza and beer...yea my life totally sucks.

We pay and leave, full but not defeated. I'm still hungry. Hell, I'm still STARVING but notice it's getting close to game time, Dodger game time. We leave the Rock and head back over to the valley to watch some of the great American pastime, eat more pizza, and drink more beer. We get back to Asher's and start watching the game, ordering pizza halfway through. We decide on this place that just opened up around the corner from his house, Napoli's Pizza.

This just got nuts. It was myself, Asher, and two other people. One of them was Ashers father, the other one's name I completely forget. Oh well, she's not important. We order two large pizzas and wait our 20 minutes.

We pick it up and head back to the pad. It smells awesome. Unfortunately the Dodgers were down so I was getting a little bummed. The pizza itself was great, giant slices and a really good sauce. The innings pass and they missed opportunities, but we were all optimistic. This was a great day, it wasn't gonna end with our boys blowing it.

CRACK. 3 run home run in the bottom of the ninth inning to win the game.

That's it. Done. I'm full off pizza, beer, and pure glee. We set out and followed through with our mission, although it did change just a little. I have never had pizza from three different places before but I highly recommend it. Try it, what have you got to lose? That's what I thought, jackass.

My line: 3 pizza places, over 13 pieces of pizza, 8 beers and one walk off bomb. What a good day.

Edit: The girl I forgot about is Anna Weiner. Here's a picture of her eating pizza.

Edit 2: Yea I fell off the wagon that day drinking but whatever, AA can suck my balls.


  1. dude. bpg commentary is priceless.

    Love the blog. <3 you boo.

    -Danny "Affleck"

  2. BPG made me ACTUALLY LOL! can you believe it. i really hope you continue this blog for the rest of my life. only then can i vicariously live out pizza eating to the fullest.

    on a side note: the best pizza i've ever had was this place in new orleans. it was a tiny little hole in the wall joint with one huge oven. it was run by these 2 dudes from san fran who were the nicest people i think i've ever met, ever. the Hawaiian pizza was my poison, and it boasted the most amazing doughy crust and plentiful toppings i've ever encountered in a pizza shop. i forgot the name, but fuck, if i ever get a troop to accompany me back to my favorite place in the world (excluding disneyland) i will make sure you come along just to taste this phenomenal pie. simply devine.