Friday, August 14, 2009

Pizza Connoisseur: Now with 100% More Video and Sex (Sex Not Guaranteed)

My dear friend Adam Scott Paul made this epic video for Pizza Connoisseur, so now you can experience this blog as it was meant to be heard, with a stoned semi-latino man yelling at you while slurring the little English he actually knows. Isn't that just the American way?


Ravenelli's Pizza, Where you could possibly see your own reflection in the grease.

Last night I also had an impromptu visit to Ravenellis Pizza, which I've seen a million times but have never tasted before. It really wasn't anything special and since I didn't expect to be eating pizza I wasn't all that into it. I smoked some of the good shit with a buddy before I met up with another friend, and it was his idea to get pizza...I SWEAR. Don't get me wrong, I ate the motherfucker (half of it) but it was a mediocre pizza at best. Not a huge droop, a little overdone on the bottom, and greasy as fuck. Actually at one point grease dripped off the crust and if I wasn't such a man it might have burned my precious and beautiful brown skin. Jerks.

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