Monday, August 3, 2009

The Inaugural Blog Post

This is me, and yes that's pizza, and yes it was delicious. This being the first post ever to anything I have honestly cared about (sorry livejournal), I feel it's necessary to explain exactly why I started this blog in the first place. Let me take you back...

I can remember the first time I tried a slice of pizza, I was around 5 years old sitting around the dinner table of my first home waiting for my father to come home with dinner. Not just any dinner, Pizza. Now, I might have had it before, but I really cant remember, so this to me is my first legit experience with this darling treasure. He sits the two pizza boxes down on the dinner table and unveils the most amazing thing I have seen with my own two eyes: Cheese Pizza.

Now if you don't like cheese pizza, then fuck you. Seriously you shouldn't be allowed to breathe my precious air. Vegetarians and carnivores alike can agree that cheese pizza is amazing, delicious, Whatever.

I remember taking the slice from 2 for 1 pizza (my mother has confirmed this for me) and setting it down on my plate and taking the first bite, and I mean THE first bite. The cheese. The Sauce. The Dough. The sentence fragments. A combination of three simple ingredients baked to perfection, served up in triangular pieces, that you can eat with your HANDS. At 5 years old, if I had to use a knife and fork to eat my meals, I would have lost my shit and spun into a tantrum. Everything about it was perfect, and that was it...I was addicted. Most people can't say they fall in love at 5 years old, but I did. Love at first bite, how romantic.

From there my addiction has just increased, my love for this wonder of the world has grown astronomically, and my weight has....fluctuated. I don't blame the pizza per se, I blame my shitty eating habits throughout high school and college. In my adult life (I'm 25 now) I have come to realize that pizza has been my rock, my best friend, my soulmate. Most of the important events in my life have culminated in eating pizza - whether it be post-soccer game, after concert, or just being hungry after some good sex.

I feel like I owe this blog to all the pizza places, the by the slices, the pioneers of everything Za. This is my life and I take it seriously. Everytime I eat pizza, or see or experience something pizza related, it will be posted. This is a testament to my absolute favorite THING in the world, not just food. I couldn't live without it, and if you told me that pizza was outlawed in America, I would move to Italy in a heartbeat.

Pizza, I love you, and I know you love me too.

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