Monday, August 31, 2009

Sitting Behind a Desk Must Suck Balls

Working at an Italian restaurant has it's perks. I would eat pizza around 3-4 times a week before I started at La Finestra, and now I eat it ALL THE FUCKING TIME. I don't give a fuck if I get to be 300 pounds, cause it would all be pizza weight and I'm totally fine with that. Last night we were extremely busy in the kitchen and as soon as the rush stopped, the head chef and I decided to make a delicious pizza, that exact one pictured above. It was such a sweet victory for two reasons:

1. All day I was thinking about pizza (duh) but more so because my bastard friend Asher was making GRILLED pizzas at his house and I was unable to come by since I had to work. Seriously who the fuck plans on eating pizza without consulting me first? Assholes.

2. We were giving out free pizza to each table so naturally we were packed. Looking at all those delicious bits of heaven gave me a boner that only eating pizza could vanquish.

So we made it and ate it, and I'm more than positive I'm a better person today because of that. You don't think so? Then fuck you.

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