Friday, September 4, 2009

Thank the Lord for Mulberry St Pizza

Went to Mulberry St Pizza with my good friend Jayu cause I needed to remember my pizza loving roots. I fucking love MSP, it's always good whenever I go in. It's like that girl you've known forever and when you need a good night of familiar sex you can call her up and she's good to go. Ahhhhh consistency.

This place is perfect - Dodgers lore and pictures of celebrities that have come in for a slice throughout the years decorate the walls, with sweet old school red and white checkered tablecloths. Cozy,'s the best. They also have CHILI OIL on every table cause they know what the fuck is up.

The pizza is awesome. Giant slices, delicious sauce and cheese, and the most perfect droop you want to break down in tears at how beautiful it actually is. It's comparable to meeting God, and I have, so I know exactly what its like - Holy. This is a religious experience for me like on the reals. Just look at how happy Jayu is:
You're damn fuckin' right

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