Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Your Life Sucks

Some people have it real bad, sitting behind a desk mindlessly typing up some retarded ass spreadsheet, doing hard physical labor out in the unforgiving elements, or riding that pole to make a buck (you know who you are). Me, I get to cook delicious food for (white) people. My office is la cocina, a land full of mystery and Mexicans.

So it fills me with pure joy to be able to have the luxury of being a chef in an Italian restaurant, cause you know that bitch has a pizza oven, and you know I take advantage of that shit on the regular. I made such a delicious buffalo mozzarella/basil pizza, pictured above, which was so good I'm pretty positive I'm immune to all diseases/ailments/bacterias.

So when you're at work thinking about how much you want to murder that loud mouth-breather in the cubicle next to you, or how Peachez stole your favorite glitter makeup, just remember my life is more fulfilling than yours, cause you suck.

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